Facing health crises, transition and the end of life — your own or that of a loved one — can be a difficult time, with a complex mix of emotions, thoughts, fears and questions. The Rev. Frances K. Moulton offers acceptance, counseling and non-denominational/interfaith ministry for people and families facing these challenging issues.

Rev. Fran brings decades of experience in many fields to her professional practice, offering counseling and support services to individuals, couples and families.

In conversation and reflection, we gain clarity about living issues, including:

  • Life crises with health, family, job
  • Fears of death;
  • Worries about the dying process given the state of one’s health;
  • Reviewing and assessing one’s life: its meaning, accomplishments, regrets, and dreams;
  • Our relationships with family, friends and ancestors: how will my illness, traumas, death affect me and others;
  • Dealing with deep emotional turmoil while also facing the distractions of life’s hassles: dealing with medical issues, procedures and costs; memorial service planning; getting one’s “house in order” before death; and more.
  • Dealing with notions about the divine, the the mystery/void, afterlife.

“I set before you a blessing and a curse, life and death, therefore choose life, so that your children shall live.”  Deut. 30:19

“The true task of spiritual life
is not found in faraway places
or unusual state of consciousness.
It is here in the present.
It asks of us a welcoming spirit
to greet all that life presents to us
with a wise, respectful, and kindly heart.
We can bow to both beauty and suffering,
to our entanglements and confusion,
to our fears and to the injustices of the world.
Honoring the truth in this way is the path to freedom.”

– Jack Kornfield, American Buddhist monk