My Philosophy and Approach

In my practice, I welcome people who find themselves facing health crises, divorce, retirement, the end of life — their own or other’s. Such experiences often call up:

  • uncertainty
  • anxiety
  • confusion
  • fear
  • attachment, aversion and delusion

When more of these feelings are recognized, accepted and witnessed, then we can address what paths may best lead to the goals we wish and set for ourselves.

Death and Dying

Going through times of uncertainty and dread.

Not knowing what the outcome will be and not knowing what do, how to prepare.

Beliefs about the process of Death and Dying.

Beliefs about the afterlife.

Meaning of Life

The Promise of Human Life

To laugh often and love much; to win and hold the respect of intelligent persons and the affections of little children;  to earn the approbation of honest critics and to endure without flinching the betrayal of false friends;  to appreciate beauty always, whether in earth’s creations or man’s [sic] handiwork;  to have sought for and to have found the best in others, and to have given it one’s self;  to leave the world better than one found it, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, a friendly letter, or a redeemed social condition;  to have played with enthusiasm, laughed with exuberance, and sung with exaltation;  to go down to dust and dreams, knowing that the world is a bit better, and that even a single life breathed easier because we have lived well – this is to have fulfilled the promise of human life.  (author unknown)


Lack of energy, stamina to endure, lack of sleep, fears, worries, isolation, pain, needing to find support and community.

End of Life Issues for Self

  • Two major questions:
    • Have I loved and been loved?
    • Have I been of service?
  • Life review
  • Issues of legacy – planning for inheritances for loved ones, leaving a legacy
  • Establishing memorials
  • Advance directives and disposal of the body
  • End of life worship services for loved ones


For seniors, it may be a transition from being able to do anything at all they set their minds to, to finding themselves thwarted by physical problems like arthritis or tougher ones like forgetting words or names.

Issues of aging, communities that can be relied on for support, plans for the future, for retirement, Living wills, advanced directives, issues of Power of Attorney for Healthcare, Power of Attorney for Finances, death of members of the family and friends.  Issues about the end of life.

Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers
but to be fearless in facing them.
Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain
but for the heart to conquer it.
Let me not crave in anxious fear to be saved
but hope for the patience to win my freedom.
– Rabindranath Tagore